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    • It's a sad day when one of your detectors dies but I think it is the end of the line for my beloved CZ6a.  It no longer works and am not sure if the problem is in the housing (most likely) or in  the coil.  do not have an extra coil to try switching coils.  It was repaired once by my hunting partner but he no longer is in a position to repair it due to having taken another job.  Have had it since about 1995 and is the only detector I am ahead of the game as far as paying for itself (only counting clad count and not bling).  When you have a stable of detectors and don't get out all that much your yearly $ total is split up by the number of detectors you use that yr.  Takes awhile to pay off any of your detectors.The CZ6a really is a brick on a stick and at first did not like it cause it lumps quarters and dimes together but have grown to like it.  Has been my nasty element machine but now have an AT Pro.  Back to what to do.  I thought about doing the ebay thing and selling it as is for parts.  Maybe saw something clever like Guaranteed not to work, if it works return it and I will refund your money. ha ha    Don't think I want it repaired by someone else other than my hunting partner cause I don't want to spend to much, it's not like I don't have other detectors on hand.  Most likely will hang on to it till my partner can look at it, could be something as simple as a broken wire.

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      That is too bad. I still use my CZ6a quite a bit. At one time it was the hottest machine on the beach. Hip mounted I can hunt all day with it. 8″ coil just seems to bang on quarters that have been passed over.  Also found my last really big gold ring with it.

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      Those CZ's are amazing.  Even with all the modern advancements, they are just about as deep (or deeper) than anything in an open field on coins.  They can be a little tougher (for me) on colocated targets…like foil mixed with a coin.  I also tend to dig my share of old nails with 'em (although the pinpoint sizing tech can usually tell you it's too big for a coin). I currently have a CZ3D and use it mainly for testing against other detectors for comparison purposed.  Brick on a stick sums it up pretty well!  However, it will find a TON of old coins...and deep too.  Does NASA Tom fix CZ stuff other than 3D's?  I don't have a clue what his charge would be though, if he does.

    • I definitely would not get rid of it, because its your favorite!!!I think you had it right when you were thinking of waiting till your friend has time too look at it

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