You are never to old to make a rookie mistake

Got a call from a fellow church member who lost his wedding band.  Said he has been married for 54 yrs. and while he does not wear much gold this ring meant a lot to him.  Said he felt the ring come of his finger and heard it hit the lawn tractor.  They spent two days looking for it to no avail.  At any rate I hunted and hunted till it got dark, found myself hunting areas that logic says it would not fly that far.Being a stubborn German I could not just give up and so I thought about it long and hard when a light went on in my head.  Could it be that my discrimination level was set to high.  Sure enough looking at the M6 I felt I could have missed the ring because of the setting I had on the M6.Went back early the next day and found it in less than a min.  Saw his eyes water up as I tossed him the ring. Felt good.  Could have used the M6 with the adjusted setting but used my Tesoro Cortez since Tesoros are hot on gold.