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March 16, 2009

White's has a new top end detector prepping for lift off!...the Vision!




Looks VERY interesting!

NEW:  Link to the Detector Stuff exclusive interview with White's Engineers a few months back...with some interesting clues! HERE

Discussion in our forums:  https://detectorstuff.digdesigns.com/forum/the-rumor-mill/new-whites-vision-metal-detector/#p152

Discussion at the Findmall Forums: http://www.findmall.com/list.php?66

Field Test .pdf file: http://whiteselectronics.com/images/stories/vision-field-test.pdf

Early version of the Instruction Manual (found at DFXonly.com) HERE and HERE

You can also discuss and leave comments attached to this story in the "comments" link

Whites Vision

White's Vision

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