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October 2, 2010

Garrett Metal Detectors--New models!

When Garrett metal detectors released released the "Ace" series of detectors, they set a new standard in affordable performance.  Garrett has been in the business a long time and recognized a "niche" that needed to be filled...and fill it they did!  Now, there's a new release in the Ace lineup...the Ace 350.

Garrett Ace 350

Also, waiting in the wings, is the highly anticipated "AT Pro".  Word on the street is that it is scheduled for a November release...Reports are that the AT offers some unique features...but primary in my mind is that it is WATERPROOF to 10 feet!  That is a pretty amazing achievement at the proposed price!

I hope to get my hands on an AT Pro (and maybe a 350 as well) for a detectorstuff review.

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