Learn from my success at finding the icon. “Reading” a site requires recognition of key features and the forces that my have acted upon them over the years. Beaches protected from winds that cause large waves are more popular than unprotected beaches. For instance, southward-facing beaches on the west of the United States are more protected from prevailing winds and heavy surf than beaches facing west or north. Popular beaches usually feature fine, clean sand with a wide and gradual slope into the water. Remember that changes continually occur as a result of both man and nature. Popular play areas of yesterday may scarcely be recognizable as beaches today. Many such identifiable sections of “lost” beaches can be hunted profitably. Not all are still connected to the mainland; some are separated by lagoons and marshland. Some have been converted into bird and wildlife sanctuaries.

As areas have grown more populated, former swimming beaches have disappeared or been permitted to erode. Land development and new business and industry took precedent over recreation and natural beauty. Breakwaters, harbor extensions, jetties and damming or otherwise diverting streams and rivers have destroyed once-popular play areas. Treasure lost there years ago, however, will remain forever-or, until it is found. Search out these treasure vaults and reap a harvest.

Obvious other places to search for beach treasure are man-made spots. Walk onto a beach and observe people at play. Watch children of all ages as they frolic. Then, when they tire of that activity, watch them scoot away. Coins fall from pockets…rings slip off of fingers…bracelets, necklaces and chains fall into the sand as young people play their games. Other more subtle games are being played on beach chairs and blankets, but wherever people relax, coins and jewelry fall into the sand.

Search around trails, walkways and boardwalks. Never pass up an opportunity to scan the base of seawalls and stone fences. People without chairs often camp by these structures where they can lean back. Always search under picnic tables and beaches. Sure, you’ll find lots of bottle caps and pull tabs, but you will also find coins, toys and other valuable objects. Search around food stands, bathhouses, shower stalls, dressing sheds and water fountains and under piers and stairs. Posts and other such obstacles are good “traps” where treasure can be found.

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