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Now when you break this thing out of it’s box… It looks impressive! Nice green colour, big display heavy and steadily built coils.

Everything looks good and so, now taking it into the field will tell if it’s good or not.

Out in the field:

Starting with normal coin shooting it soon started to show it’s good feature of the “sizing feature” which really describes it better then any other name.

It made me skip dozens of cans! (note: exact pinpointing is critical for correct info)

However I found out quite soon that the notch system of discrimination was not to my liking, it was way to limited but also very jumpy readings.

Other wise it did ok.


It did ok, the sizing feature was a great idea however it way badly limited by the notch system which quite frankly is better suited for America in my opinion.

I could hardly tell if I had iron or coin under the coil.

The Beach:

Moving on to do some beach hunting I soon learned the true all metall the detector offered another 4″ (approx) in depth.

Trying to use it was again a pain due to the notch system, so I went back to the disc mode and enjoyed the trip a bit more.

It soon came apparent that the depth was up to approx 6″ in the disc mode, under the beach conditions. (which is good)


I came home with a bit more iron then usual however the all metal can offer a good extra in hunted out conditions.

Other wise it did good and found me a few coins and other weird things.

Relic Hunting:

Well I moved on and tried it in a small iron plauged area. Quite suprisingly it was quite stable as soon as the sensitivity was lowered and much small iron was ignored.

I dug everything that wasn’t iron (or so I thought wasn’t iron) and well I got a lot of trash but a few coins, I wasn’t really impressed.

I then got a tip; dig all none jumping readings… Well Ok it might be worth a shot. I soon came to realize there where hardly any such targets.


It did ok, but well when I’m not even able to tell iron from none ferrous at least 1/3 of the targets.. It just wears you out.

If you got the physical and mental strength to endure it for 3+ hours.. I salute you!

Since then I haven’t owned one notch based detector.

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