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Well when you take it out of the box… It looks plain weird, not really impressive at first. After a while I did get used to the looks of it.

You’ll note it’s easy to put together. And will need adjusting to your length, otherwise it’s going to feel real heavy. (i.e. arm cup, lower rod need adjustments)

It’s not to bad when you’ve done that.

Ok when skimming through the manual you’ll note there aren’t many adjustments, just more or less weird names for them.

Just learn them. Oh and it is a bit noes heavy, if to heavy opt for another coil.

In the field:


Well I start out at the park and play around a bit and soon I noted.. “I need a smaller coil!”

The trash was to much with a 10″ DD coil. So after getting the little Joey coil the hunt could begin!

Started him up and noise cancelled. Adjusted Auto Sens to 32 and gain to 8. And then slowly creeping around with the coil.

Started pretty quick to pick out much coinage, both deep and shallow. I was surprised what the little coil could give in depth!

After a while silver started jumping up around me, pretty much everywhere I went, boy I was excited!

This was thanks to a elderly gentleman who told us where they used to play poker back in the days. ~Hint~


Ok well I finished our day in the park with 5 silver coins most from the 1930’s, a few early 1900’s copper coins and a 1889 copper coin.

It performed very well in the park.

Relic Hunting:

Moving to a older place of the park we went relic hunting.

Remembering the manual I turned on Ferrous sounds and began to dig like crazy!

I found to lower sensitivity among the iron and lowering disc helped significantly to find none ferrous objects among the iron.


Some modern trash came through but a few buttons, coins and other strange things where found.

It did ignore the iron just by sound, I loved it! Very easy to operate.

Beach Hunting:

The park also has a small beach and a camping site near by, there we moved next.

Well I noticed a absence of targets so it was ok to put on a bigger coil.

Ok well targets where quite few, as expected on a inland beach.

Luckily I did get deep with the 10″ DD coil and got some coins none the less, and also my first gold ring was found then. (7.9 Grams)

The only thing I really noticed was.. The semi auto sensitivity is nice if your having a lazy day and the lack of tiny targets like foil.


It works well on the beach to but lacks sensitivity on small targets, this might be changed by increasing gain.( I used 7-8)

Or do the opposite if much small foil is plaguing you, lower gain.

So all in all it’s a great detector, with minor flaws in balance which tends to make it feel more on the heavy side.

Some scream over slow recovery speed, don’t worry learn the sounds and slowly open the disc (iron mask) and voila! the masking problem is mostly gone.

Oh and a tip, dig ALL deep iffy signals. It might hand you a surprise.Wink

Also watch their behaviour sometimes they just jump in a general area, mostly in a sort of pattern. If you remember them it can help you dig less iron sometimes.

But sound is key, also if it sounds good which you’ll learn after a while dig it none the less. It’s still just a detector that can be fooled but it’s the operators call to dig or not.

You can learn the sounds quicker by looking at the display and associate a sound with a position on the display.Laugh

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