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Garrett Ace 250 New users guide

-Detectorstuff member Ian Pettigrew (AKA draaiorgel) has written up a great new users guide with tips and helpful information on the Garrett Ace 250! Many thanks to Ian for his contribution….

All about the Ace 250 for newbies.

The Ace 250 is an ideal beginner’s machine especially if you know absolutely nothing about metal detecting. (Just like me when I first started)


I had read on many MD forums about what a fabulous machine it was and
the price was right.

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4 Dave’s Beach Hunting 101

Dave is one of the DetectorStuff forum moderators and an active poster.  He is an avid beach hunter and member of CRABS (Carolina Relic and Beach hunting Society).   I read this post (originally seen HERE) and saw some cool tips and beach hunting information…since detectorstuff is about “learning”, I asked Dave if we could post it here on the “main” site.




There’s allot of different styles, some work better than others, some work one day and not the next, some just don’t work on certain beaches or for certain people but here’s mine.

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1 Carl Cladoff’s Beach Hunting Tips…Cuts

Carl Cladoff

Carl Cladoff

DetectorStuff Member Carl Cladoff recently responded to my inquiry about reading beach cuts…and how to find the goodies therein.  His response (originally seen HERE) give great insight into the awesome dynamics of surf and wind…and how they factor into whether you finish a hunt with treasure…or nothing!  Thanks for allowing me to publish this Carl!  -Mark

Yo Mark!  I usually refer to those ‘sand cliffs’ you see primarily in the fall and winter as a cut…terminology may vary depending on where you are…

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