This matter of trash on a beach is one that daily becomes more urgent to all of us beachcombers. I refer especially to plastic trash that is more than just unsightly. Fish and sea birds become entangled in six-pack rings; sea turtles mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and swallow them; birds peck at plastic pellets and feed them to their young. Similar harm results from countless other plastic items that are carelessly discarded on our nation’s beaches every day. What can a beachcomber do about it?

Most metal detectorists carry out the metal trash they dig because all treasure hunters benefit from its removal. But, what about non-metallic trash? Certainly, none of us carries around a container large enough to hold all the plastic trash and broken glass we find in only a few hours. Let’s join together to help, however and dispose properly of as much trash as we can. We perform a service not only for all beachcombers and sun worshippers but for sea creatures and bird life as well. How about if…can’t we join together and help one another?

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